Day Trading Taxes, IRS Trader Tax Status vs Investor Status in US

Published on December 23, 2021

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2:08 IRS Capital gain tax rates
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10:09 How to qualify for Trader Tax Status

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How to file day trading taxes in the US? How to qualify for Trader Tax Status under IRS rules. Most Day Traders and Swing Traders fall under the regular investor status when filing for IRS taxes.
Capital gains for investors fall under 2 categories: Long term and short term tax rates.

1. Long term tax rate: More favorable tax rate for investors. But only for stock market positions held for over one year. So generally day traders and swing traders do not qualify for this.
2. Short term tax rate: Day trading and swing trading are taxed as ordinary income tax rates.

Filing stock market taxes as investor status has limited write offs due to Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017, have to follow Wash Sale Rule, and can only claim up to $3000 capital loss against income per year.

That’s why day traders prefer Trader Tax Status designation. TTS allows fully deductible losses, no wash sale rule, and generous tax write offs for trading expenses. But the TTS is harder to qualify.

General IRS Guide for Trader Tax Status
1. At least 30 hrs per week spent on trading activities
2. Average holding period is less than 31 days
3. Operating with necessary tools and software
4. Trading with a significant trading account

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Day Trading Taxes

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Macd Part Time Job, Day Trading Taxes, IRS Trader Tax Status vs Investor Status in US.

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Day Trading Taxes, IRS Trader Tax Status vs Investor Status in US, Find top full length videos relevant with Macd Part Time Job.

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