McDonald's Breakfast Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Published on August 7, 2021

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McDonald’s is famous for its breakfast menu, and you probably already have some favorites from the standard options. But there’s no need to limit yourself to the official selections. With that in mind, here are the best McDonald’s breakfast hacks to start your day off right.

In 2015, McDonald’s started to roll out all-day breakfast. While the obvious takeaway is that you can now order McMuffins and McGriddles whenever you want, there’s another benefit: eggs are being cooked all day, which means that they’re available as an add-on to whatever you like. Thus we’ve entered the era of the brunch burger!

Pretty much any order is fair game for eggs, from Big Macs to Quarter Pounders. That goes for both the round eggs, which are the fresher ones, and the yellow square folded eggs, which are made with a liquid egg mixture. Both turn your everyday McDonald’s burger into a brunch burger special. Of course, just because you can order something doesn’t mean the cashier taking your order will know what you mean, so be prepared for some potential pushback from employees. One of the best ways to use the egg addition is to make Dollar Menu items more filling, resulting in a satisfying sandwich that’s still pretty cheap.

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Egg burgers | 0:13
Revive the Triple Stack | 0:58
Mc10:35 | 1:49
Chicken and waffles | 3:02
McCrepe | 4:04
Well done hash browns | 4:55
Hash brown McMuffin | 5:52
Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin | 6:40
Hash brown burger buns | 7:31
McAffogato | 8:16

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MCD Breakfast Timing

MCD Breakfast Timing, McDonald's Breakfast Hacks That Will Change Your Life.

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